100 Small Steps

Crushing Obesity One Pound At A Time!

Powerful Weight Loss Message For You In 2015

powerful Weight Loss Message for You In 2015!

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The Cover Designs Are In!

Since my last conference call with the publisher, I have had many sleepless nights wondering when I would be able to see the first design concepts for the cover of … Continue reading

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Step 17 – Visualize The End Result

What the experts say – In a study published in Psychology and Health McGill University’s Dr. Bärbel Knäuper and her students asked 177 students at the new residence hall to … Continue reading

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Step 10: Minimize Stress!

In a fairly recent study conducted by the Departments of Psychiatry and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine it was discovered that chronic stress and the … Continue reading

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Step 6: Be Ye Not Afraid to Fail!

Look there was just no way that I was going to go right into some program where at almost 400lbs there was going to be 90 straight days of increasingly … Continue reading

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Step 5: Focus On The Whole Life

At the end of the day weight loss can only be achieved by placing an emphasis on physical/mental health and nutrition.  You can only obsess over counting calories, half starving … Continue reading

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Step 3: Be Present In Every Choice

What the experts say – In 2006 food companies spent 1.6 billion dollars just to market mostly soda, fast food, and cereal to children.  In that same year quick service … Continue reading

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