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Keith “Temple” Trotter – Part 3 “Accountability”

Morgan James Author Keith “Temple” Trotter partners with AMPERS, UCare, & The American Diabetes Association in Minnesota to drive awareness for diabetes prevention and control. – Part 3

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Step 27 – Don’t Watch The Food

What the experts say – In June of 2010 Time Magazine published an article entitled “What if you ate only what was advertised on TV?” The article was based on … Continue reading

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Step 21 – Have A Cheat Day Every Week

What the experts say – The experts over at Fitday.com sum it up this way. “Many dieters think that having a cheat day amounts to failure, so they either struggle … Continue reading

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Step 16 – Be Held Accountable

What the experts say – Accountability is defined as: An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Dr.’s Paul Gillard and Rachel Radwinsky are two … Continue reading

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My Struggle Through The years

Just thought i would give you all a taste of what the author looks like through the years.  Didn’t start off pretty, but the money shot on the far right made … Continue reading

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Step 13 – Food & Emotions Don’t Mix!

According to nutritional experts 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. People often eat to relieve stress or to get something off their minds. The kicker is that stress, and … Continue reading

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Step 6: Be Ye Not Afraid to Fail!

Look there was just no way that I was going to go right into some program where at almost 400lbs there was going to be 90 straight days of increasingly … Continue reading

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